This book aspires not only to be useful for museums, but also to serve all those readers interested in communication, in its broadest sense. In this text, a fascinating form of expression is pointed out: the museographic language, which has a series of native and specific communication resources, and constitutes a proper  language in its own right: necessary and fully fledged.This is not a finished book, but it humbly aims to open paths, inspiring reflections and development in relation to a language that is still in its infancy despite appearances. The museographic language still has an immense journey ahead of it, a journey that will even transcend museums themselves and become available to all kinds of communicative purposes.





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Cover illustration: drawing by Athanasius Kircher en Musurgia Universalis (1650) | Cover background image.
Cover design and book layout: Miguel Ángel Fernández Soler.

Foreword: Ferran Adrià Acosta.

English translation: Erik Stengler.
Copyright 2023 © Guillermo Fernández Navarro.
Intellectual property registry number: T-35-2023
Legal deposit number (Spain): T-1214-2022 | ISBN: 978-84-09-48816-2
Released by: lenguajemuseográfico. Tarragona, Spain (march 31th 2023)

This edition is an english version of the book El lenguaje museográfico (Guillermo Fernández,
2022. ISBN: 978-84-09-34942-5)

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«A museum is concentrated reality: its last great reserve»
Jorge Wagensberg


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