Guillermo Fernández

I have dedicated my entire professional life to museums, particularly science museums. For five years I on the staff of the Science Museum of the La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona —currently Cosmocaixa— and I consider myself a homegrown of this museum, identifying Jorge Wagensberg as one of my most influential teachers. I am currently an independent freelance consultant for museums and exhibitions, and I combine my professional activity with teaching concerns in various initiatives related to museums. I am convinced that museums are called upon to carry out a fundamental task in contemporary education, using their own museographic language for this purpose, and always based on objectives and strategies with measurable and verifiable results. In addition to this book The museographic language (2023) and its spanish version (2022), I am the author of the book El museo de ciencia transformador (2019), and a co-founding member of the El Museo Transformador collective. I am currently promoting a spin-off of elBullifoundation dedicated to corporate museums.

More about me.

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